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THE ISSUE You’ve got a UDestructibleComponent as an object within your AActor subclass and you need it to start with physics turned on, normally done using: Object->SetSimulatePhysics(true) But this doesnt seem to work on your blueprints! THE SOLUTION Instead try Object->GetBodyInstance(NAME_None, false)->SetInstanceSimulatePhysics(true) The Bool will now be set on the BP by default!
The Issue You need a way to load a specific Blueprint of any class directly from a file path in C++. Unreal has you covered: The solution static ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder<UClass> ObjectBP(TEXT("WidgetBlueprint'/Game/Blueprints/HUD/BP_IGC_TimerBarWidget.BP_IGC_TimerBarWidget_C'")); if (ObjectBP.Object != NULL) { // Set the object as the blueprint at the reference above. SetWidget(ObjectBP.Object); } A few important notes!! This function should […]
Hi, welcome to the new look website. Ok… i know… it’s not as graphically fancy as it used to be, but i figure it’s about content… right? In the upcoming months i’m hoping to have a few unreal tutorials for all you budding C++ indie developers. In the meantime enjoy a screenshot of some C++ […]