Speed Date Mate

iPhone App and Website

Speed Dating is fast and fun, but with so many events going on out there it can be difficult to find that perfect one.

Speed Date Mate makes the process super fast and easy, we search all the big speed dating companies for you listing all their events in one place! We personalize your experience, meaning you’ll only ever see events ideal for your age, gender and orientation.


  • Auto filter events based on your age, gender and orientation.
  • See the best prices and upcoming events instantly.
  • Sort events by what’s important to you: Event type, price, availability, date, age range and host.
  • Find a venue near you and get directions directly there.
  • Share events with your friends on Facebook and Twitter with the press of a button.
  • Hundreds of events all across the country.
  • Much much more!

Mister Barista –

Aeropress/French Press/

V60/Chemex/Moka Pot/

iPhone App

Want a perfect Coffee Everytime?
Want brand new and exciting recipes at your fingertips?
Want an easy way to see the steps required to brew and time your coffee?

Well look no further than Mister Barista. The app connects to a database of recipes that is regularly updated, meaning the list of coffee brews is ever growing. The built in timer allows you to see the upcoming steps in the brew process and will auto adjust to support every recipe featured in the app, even the new ones.

With support for multiple brew procceses including, V60, Aeropress and French press no matter what coffee you like you’ll find recipes for it. Plus with our update system new brew types can be added so if its not available, watch this space.

And all this for less than a bag of coffee beans… Happy brewing.


  • Connection to a large database of recipes, free updates for life, get new recipes as soon as they are available and enjoy different coffees (requires an internet connection)
  • 3 Brew methods including V60, Aeropress and french press (more coming soon)
  • Easy to follow recipe guides, clear concise steps and icons get that perfect coffee every time.
  • Hints system allows for extra information in each coffee step below the timer
  • Timer system to guide you through the recipe,alerts for each stage of the process, never get the timings wrong again.
  • Quick brew select, load the last coffee you made with one button press
  • Set your preferred unit for coffee including: Grams, Oz, Tablespoons, Scoops
  • Set your preferred units for water including: Grams, Ml, Oz

Fight Club

iPhone App

Pow! What was that you ask? That was the best new app dedicated to Boxing and MMA news delivering a swift jab to the nose with all the latest from the world of full-contact sports.

FightClub is here to deliver the best experience on mobile for MMA news and content, with some great features

Developed on behalf of Technologyc


  • News content provided by the ultimate source of mixed martial arts news: If you want the latest news, results and upcoming events, look no further than FightClub
  • Feeds from MMAMania, Bloody elbow, MMA Junkie, Five ounces of pain, Sherdog, MMA Fighting and UFC
  • Social Sharing, share with your friends and colleagues, using twitter, facebook, email and more.
  • APNS Push notifications when news updates occur.
  • Subscribe to get access to all the UFC videos direct on your device.
  • See the upcoming events with details breakdowns and directions straight to the venue.
  • View all fighter stats and information by weight class.
  • Full gallery featuring all the pics from the latest fights!
  • Remove adverts with in app purchases

UAV Battery Flight Timer

iPhone App

UAS (UAV) Battery Flight Timer is your personal flight assistant, keeping you up to date while you concentrate on flying your expensive hardware.

Ideal for the DJI Phantom quadcopter owners out there where you have limited ways of monitoring battery levels, yet might be flying FPV with an expensive GoPro and gimbal.


  • Track your battery charges.. that’s right, you can now add charges to each battery tracking their charge cycle number, their mAh and the date charged, a great way to log your battery information.
  • Battery Time calculator, you can now calculate a battery flight timer if you know your battery capacity and the average amperage draw of your UAV / drone.
  • Pre Flight Timer.. by popular request you can now set a Pre Flight Timer, after hitting start there will be a count down before the Flight Timer begins. Ideal for drone racers and freestylers who are getting their gear on, especially helmets!
  • Share your flights with all your friends on social networks! Share your flight time and even a picture of the battery you’re using.
  • Add and edit battery types to quickly select the battery you want to use.
  • Audio and vibrate alerts at 15mins, 10mins, 5mins, 4mins, 3mins, 2mins, 1min, 30 seconds and completion. Great if you’re wearing a headset (like fat sharks) or the Iphone is in your pocket.
  • Now works when the phone is locked (vibration and audio alerts)
  • Take photos of your batteries so you can easily see which batteries you should use.
  • Record a flight time until your battery expires and then create a battery entry using this information.
  • Set a custom land time, allows you to create an alert that will fire with an audio and vibration alert ‘X’ minutes before the battery expires.
  • Keep track of battery uses, when the timer completes a new “Flight Uses” counter will increase so you know how many times you have used a battery.
  • Rework of the UI to make entering battery values easier and more intuitive.
  • On screen battery indicator, stop and pause and reset your timer, great if you land and turn the device off for a short while.
  • Vibrates x5 at 5 minute interval, x4 at 4 minute interval all the way to 1 minute.
  • Great for all UAVs, including: Parrot AR Drone, Dji Phantom, Dji F330, Dji F450, Dji F550, Dji S800, Storm, Blade, Guai, Hubsan, SteadiDrone.
  • Also great for: RC Helicopter, RC Boat, RC Plane, RC Submarine

Dart Master

iPhone App

Dart Master is a news aggregator app for enthusiasts of the wonderful sport of darts! Down the pub at the weekend? Well grab this app and amaze your friends with all your darts know how. You’ll find all the latest news, tweets and reddit posts from the top darts news outlets. Go ahead… its a bullseye!

Coming soon…. Developed on behalf of Technologyc


  • News content provided by the multiple source of darts news: Talksport, Modusdarts and Winmau.
  • Feeds from Live darts, PDC Darts, Sky Sports Darts, and the Darts reddit forum.
  • Social Sharing, share with your friends and colleagues, using twitter, facebook, email and more.
  • Remove adverts with in app purchases
  • More features coming soon.

UV SunTan Timer

iPhone App

Getting a great tan gives you a healthy glow and makes you look amazing, but getting sun burnt can easily ruin that! It’s important to enjoy the sun but also protect your skin from sunburn and increased risk of skin cancer.

The UV SunTan Timer will help reduce your chances of burning and ensure you get an even tan, no matter what skin type you have. By analysing the UV Index at your current location, your skin type and the SPF of your sunscreen, you will have a tailor made sunbathing time that will help you avoid burning even during the hottest days.


  • Customised sunbathing times, calculated by looking at your skin type, the factor (SPF) of the sunscreen (suncream) used and the UV Index at your current location.
  • Skin selection system set your skin type easily with the aid of images.
  • Even tan system that advises you when to turn over to get a lovely even tan all over your body, the timer will also advise you on your maximum sunbathing time. .
  • Precaution system illustrating what protection you should have when you venture out into the sun.
  • Local weather information at your current location.
  • Audio and vibration alerts to tell you when to turn over and when to get out of the sun.